August 2022.

Kruidfontein Farm, a local Boshof agricultural enterprise owned and managed by the Stallenburg husband-wife duo, has become well known in the area for its prized pumpkins. However, with the aim of becoming sustainable in the semi-arid climate, they have set about putting plans in place to diversify their crops to include lucerne this year.

With funding and support from Boshof Solar Power this farm has been able to renovate its 15 hectare pivot irrigation system as well as buy and install a solar water pump, which is essential for crop farming. In addition to this, funding has been provided to purchase a trailer, that is used to deliver produce to consumers.

“This funding is a great boost for us because before we had to plant our pumpkins on dry land, but now, we will be able to try different crops because of the added irrigation system,” commented Tseliso Petrus Stallenburg, owner of the farm.

This is the first time since its establishment in 2008, that Kruidfontein Farm has received financial assistance, having tackled a number of difficulties without any external support.

“Despite a number of challenges over the last 13 years, this duo has not been deterred. Their tenacity and dedication to persevere, regardless of any obstacles, is inspiring and exactly the kind of ethos we are proud to support,” concluded Zuki Ndlela, Economic Development Specialist for Boshof Solar Power.


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