March 2021.

The Relethabetse Sewing Co-Operative, in the Tokologo Municipal area, is made up of a group of nine senior citizens that have taken it upon themselves to meet the sewing needs of the community. This micro enterprise, which produces school uniforms for local schools, has been awarded funding and business training, to help them become more sustainable.

“These elderly women, who have shown such determination, are a good example and role model to the younger generation, even to the expect that they are taking on younger community member now, to upskill and mentor. This is particularly encouraging as unemployment is very high in Boshof, so we are pleased to assist and support the creation of job opportunities, as it is of our interest to help develop the local economy, within the Tokologo Municipality,” said Zuki Ndlela, Economic Development Specialist for Boshof Solar Power, who met these senior entrepreneurs at a health day event, organised by the solar plant.

Ndlela explains that it was through that encounter that the solar plant learnt of the Co-op’s challenge to buy equipment and to secure business funding, which has become even harder in the current economic climate.

In addition to providing funding for much needed equipment, which is already helping this Co-Op take on large orders from schools in Boshof and Hertzogville, a service provider has been appointed to provide business development support and some business management training.

Boshof Solar Power, which is supporting the Co-Op as part of it’s Enterprise Development Programme, has further assisted them by placing an order for the production of face masks. These are being bought back and supplied to the local community schools and municipality, which further supports this local business.

The Boshof Solar Power’s enterprise development programme looks to empower small enterprises within the Tokologo Municipality’s communities of Boshof, Hertzogville and Dealesville.

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