June 2022.

Thousands of girl learners, across seven schools, have been helped through a programme aimed at supporting dignity through the supply of personal hygiene products.  Having identified that girls were missing up to a week of school each month, this programme has been rolled out across four high schools and three primary schools in Boshof, Hertzogville and Dealesville, since 2015.

The programme, funded by Boshof Solar Power, supplies sanitary towels to almost 1 000 young girl learners each year, who are in need of the support.  This socio-economic development programme is driven by the belief that communities won’t be able to thrive if girl-learners are left behind and furthermore, purchases the product from a local supplier to stimulate community business trade.

Funded by Boshof Solar, the programme to keep young girls in the classroom and end the stigma associated with menstruation and lack of sanitary towels.

Grade 11 learner, Nombulelo Moholoabone, said, “Sanitary towels really help us, as some of us would have to stay at home because not all parents are able to afford these hygiene products.”

Long before general awareness of related absenteeism became common knowledge throughout the country, programme beneficiary Aramela Combined School, in Boshof, started seeing the lasting benefits of this support and can give testament to the positive impact that a modest support programme of this nature can have.

“This programme has afforded many of our girls the opportunity to not miss out on classes, as many could not afford to have these basic health necessities. Moreover, the programme did not only provide sanitary towels but health education to help them understand their bodies better and to live a healthy lifestyle contributing to their personal development and wellbeing,” said Mr Melesi, Principal of Aramela Combined School.

This is an extension of Boshof Solar Power’s support of local education, which supports the same schools, namely: Aramela Combined School; Boshof Combined School; Boshof Intermediate School; Kegomoditswe Intermediate School; Tshomarelo Primary School; Senzile Combined School and Kgololosego Secondary School.

“We are proud to be able to play a role in keeping young girls at school and hope that our support will restore their confidence,” said Zuki Ndlela, Economic Development Specialist for Boshof Solar Power.

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