September 2020

Tokologo Chicken and Egg Village, based in Hertzogville and owned by local community member, Maria Mamokete Kameel, is receiving support from Boshof Solar Power’s Enterprise Development Programme.

“Farmer Kameel is passionate about her small business and we are taking steps to help grow her chicken and egg village into a sustainable micro enterprise that can supply eggs locally, thereby also supporting local food production,” said Zuki Ndlela, Economic Development Officer for Boshof Solar Power.

What started out as a backyard operation, has the potential to become a micro community-run business, through funding and training.  The aim is to create a better and healthier environment for the livestock and help the business recover from the set back after bird flu, which killed many of the livestock. This is to be coupled with business mentoring, all of which will help build resilience while getting the business back on its feet.

“We initially funded the cooperative with a chicken coop and chickens in 2016 and will now provide egg layers”, explained Ndlela, who added that the delivery of the chickens was currently being hampered by a long waiting queue due to the COVID-19 lockdown.

SED Business Solution’s business mentoring will help the chicken village establish a market and distribution, in addition to marketing activities.

The Boshof Solar Power’s enterprise development programme looks to empower small enterprises, within the Tokologo Municipality’s communities of Boshof, Hertzogville and Dealesville. Rural micro enterprises in a range of industries, including agriculture benefit from this developmental programme, which looks to grow sustainable entities. Another beneficiary of the programme is Mr Moshane’s New Dawn Farm that received funding to erect suitable poultry egg laying structures.

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