August 2020

Working in collaboration with the Department of Education and the Department of Social Development in the Tokologo Local Municipality, Boshof Solar Power’s Socio Economic Development funding has been directed to provide medical supplies, furniture and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to six local schools for their COVID-19 isolation rooms, as well as PPE for ten ECD centres serving the communities of Boshof and Hertzogville.

Steps are being taken to ensure that when the Early Childhood Development (ECD) centres reopen, parents and caregivers do not have to worry about the health and safety of their children. To make this happen, the solar farm is helping by providing funding for safety equipment and other measures, in close collaboration with the Department of Social Development.

“By providing PPE for Boshof and Hertzogville ECD centres, Boshof Solar Power is helping to promote the implementation of COVID-19 health and safety measures, needed by ECD and Partial Care Facilities as well as a conducive and caring environment for practitioners and children,” said Mrs. Gladys Mokodutlo, Social Work Supervisor, from the Department of Social Development in Boshof.

She explains that her Department has been conducting ECD’s state of readiness to contain the COVID-19 outbreak and that one of the many things that will determine ECD’s readiness is the availability of PPE for young children and caregivers, for their safety and carefully thought out Standard Operating Procedures and Guidelines when they are ready to open.

“Working with the support of the various local Departments, means that we are able to provide support to the child care protection system, especially for working families with young children, which is truly needed,” explained Zuki Ndlela, Economic Development Officer for Boshof Solar Power.

The solar farm is supporting six local schools and ten ECD centres, which include: Aramela Combined School; Boshof Combined School; Boshof Intermediate School; Senzile Combined School; Saamwerk Primary School; Kegomoditswe Primary School; Bezent Day Care Centre; Kareehof Speelgroep; Kgatelopele Creche; Leretlhabetse Educare Centre; Little Busybee Day Care Centre; Kopano Pre-School; Relebogile ECD Centre; Thari Ya Mme Educare Centre; Tshwaraganang Day-Care Centre; and Tokologo ECD Centre.

Equipment provided includes an extensive supply of latex gloves, beds, bedding, infrared thermometers, biohazard bins, first aid kits, and a range of sanitisers and disinfectants.

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