July 2020

Boshof Combined School has received an e-technology Smartboard to assist with the continuation of the maths and science extra lessons, without the Maths and Science Leadership Academy facilitator having to drive to Boshof Combined School, from Kimberley, during lockdown and social distancing protocols. This electronic device will allow a local teacher to facilitate the session, together with input from the MSLA teacher using the smartboard technology.

“We needed to find a way that the maths and science extra lesson learners could catch up on all the learning that has been missed this year, whilst taking into account social distancing and the additional risk of facilitators travelling from Kimberley, which is inter-Provincial,” explained Zuki Ndlela, Economic Development Officer for Boshof Solar Power, who have funded this Smartboard.

This device allows remote teaching, as the Smartboard is interactive and projects images by connecting to a computer. Furthermore, there is a possibility that the provision of this Smartboard may also allow for the maths and science extra lesson learners to take advantage of curriculum input offered from international organisations, made possible by the technology.

Although the main purpose of this electronic device is to assist maths and science extra lessons, other learners at the school are also set to benefit.

“These classes give learners the opportunity to practice the work done in class and because we can focus on higher level questions the learners become more confident and their marks improve,” said Mrs Nicolene Botha, teacher at the Academy.

Funded by Boshof Solar Power, the Maths and Science Leadership Academy from Kimberley, along with local teachers facilitates extra maths and science lessons to the learners at Boshof Combined School, and to two other schools in the area.   This education partnership kicked off in 2015 and is specifically aimed at stimulating the desire amongst learners to study STEM (science, technology, engineering, maths). With an estimated 80% of future jobs requiring young people to have some sort of STEM education, it is critical and imperative that learners get support, as early on as possible.

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